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The liver and bowels are the body’s main organs for cleansing the blood and tissue of toxins. A congested liver is reflected in the skin and the eyes. Keeping the liver decongested is important to maintain overall well-being.

  • Supports a healthy liver
  • Improves bowel elimination
  • Increases bile flow
  • Decongests the liver

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2 capsules contain: Artichoke extract (Cynara floridanum) 430mg, Sarsaparilla extract (Similax officinalis) 430mg, Wasabi powder (Wasabia japonica rhizome) 50mg, Milk Thistle extract (80% Silymarin) 60 mg

Other Ingredients: Rice Extract, Vegetable Capsule
For liver support take 1-2 capsules with morning and evening meals. To improve bowel elimination, use up to 9 capsules daily with or between meals.

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