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Colon Reflorastation (At Home Kit)

$40 CAD

Colon Reflorastation is the introduction of a healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum with a retention enema. This delivers a warm liquid probiotic formula of healthy bacteria into the sigmoid flexure of the colon. After one hour of retention, it will colonize the bowel then, three days later, it will be stablized. This health procedure is designed to reinforce the homeodynamic balance of the bowel flora.

  • Restore the colon’s bacteria to its healthy and normal state
  • Improve bowel fuction & address chronic constipation
  • Help relieve symptoms of IBS, gas & bloat
  • Increase absorption of vitamins & minerals
  • Great treatment for post-antiobiotic therapy

1 time use home implant kit includes: Probiotic formulation, tip applicator, water-based lubricant, instructions.

All orders ship from Canada

Proprietary blend of 50 billion probiotic bacteria (20 strains)

Other Ingredients: FOS
Reflorastation implants may be done once or repeated as required. Speak to your health care professional for directions.

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