Gerson Therapy

Coffee Enema Base Kit

$46.50 CAD

Coffee enemas are a part of the Gerson Method of healingOur coffee enema BASE KIT includes the same organic, therapeutic grade coffee used at the Gerson Medical Institute (Cafe Mam) put into affordable 1-pound bags. 5 lb bags are also sold on our online store. You may purchase the 5 lb bag of coffee and the bucket separately.

  • Used to Reduce Toxins in the Liver and Digestive System
  • Supports relief of Migraine Headaches, PMS, Body Aches
  • 48 oz clear enema bucket for at-home use.
  • Soft vinyl tube (54″ long) has a non-traumatic tip with rounded eyes for safe, easy insertion.

All orders ship from Canada

How To: At Home Gerson Coffee Enema

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